Perma-Cast Calgary Concrete Contracting | About
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About Us

The Story Behind Perma-Cast

Founded in 1996, Perma-Cast is celebrating over 25 years of business in Alberta and continues to raise the bar in all disciplines, including commercial and industrial concrete foundations, multi-level parkades, high-rises, and water reservoirs. We are always expanding our knowledge in the latest technologies to continue to grow, innovate, and provide the highest quality service.

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Our Talented Management Team

John McLeod

Executive Board Member

John is the founder and director of Perma-Cast Concrete Contracting Ltd.

John has over 40 years of experience in the concrete industry and is recognized as a leader in providing quality infrastructure and construction services in Alberta. John maintains a hands-on role in Perma-Cast’s practice and is consistently engaged to oversee and monitor daily operations. He has led the construction of notable projects; including, Millennium Skate Park, the Olympic Oval, the Calgary Winter Club, and dedicated 10 years alongside Remington Development Corp. to construct Quarry Park. John is known and respected for his ­­­­­­extensive knowledge in all aspects of the industry and his commitment to completing projects ahead of schedule.

Tyler Preer


Tyler Preer began his Perma-Cast career in Calgary, Alberta in 2010 as a labourer. Tyler’s career quickly progressed as he developed and retained numerous senior–level roles in the organization. Working hand-in-hand with the founder & CEO John McLeod, Tyler worked as a safety manager, project coordinator, senior project manager, estimator, and Vice President; ultimately leading to the current succession plan in which he became an owner of Perma-Cast Concrete Contracting Ltd. in 2020.

Tyler initiated and directed Perma-Cast’s entrance into the major project’s division growing the organization’s gross revenue by 40% in one year. He provides leadership over a creative team of solution providers who innovatively address construction challenges. Leading the development of the company’s on-going Health and Safety Plan, Risk Management Plans, and Project Management Systems. He is responsible for the selection, pricing, budgeting, prioritization, alignment, and overall performance of the organizations building operations.

Shelly McLeod

Chief Financial Officer

Shelly McLeod started her career with Perma-Cast in 1997 as a financial consultant. Possessing a strong leadership mentality, Shelly has made significant contributions to Perma-Cast’s team over the past two decades becoming a partner of the firm in 2018.

Responsible for the development of Perma-Cast’s financial unit, Shelly works closely with the companies COO on all strategic and tactical matters relating to budget management, cost-benefit analysis, tax, financial reporting, forecasting needs, and securing of new funding. Shelly remains the chief financial spokesperson; her financial acumen, industry knowledge, and company experience allows her to provide a strategic financial vision for the future of Perma-Cast.

Jamie Wood

Chief Director Of Operations

Jamie Wood started his Perma-Cast career in Calgary, Alberta as a Carpenters Apprentice in 2007. He then quickly advanced from Foremen to Senior Supervisor to Director of Operations Manager. Jamie is responsible for the profitability and growth of Perma-Cast’s building operations, delivering iconic construction projects across Calgary.

Jamie is the go-to guy for those looking to achieve big results with a limited budget and schedule. Collaborating with various departments and taking a hands-on approach with our executive staff and site supervising team to improve the functionality and business process.

Jamie provides leadership and maintains an effective and harmonious worksite while promoting positive project morale. Jamie is committed to promoting opportunities for growth and advancement to build the next generation of construction leaders within the Perma-Cast family.

Sean Cribbett

Chief Construction Manager

Sean has been a crucial member of the Perma-Cast team for over 20 years. As Chief Construction Manager, Sean has overseen the completion of over 100 successful jobs. Working extensively on construction management; from logistics, to planning, and to the execution of the construction. Sean is committed to effectively allocating labour, equipment, materials, and subcontractors to maximize safety and profitability while simultaneously minimizing costs and deficiencies. He provides full-time on-site supervision to ensure efficiency in execution while maintaining the highest quality of service.

Kendra Hickey

Chief Information/Innovation/Compliance Officer

Kendra Hickey started her career with Perma-Cast in Calgary, Alberta as a Project Coordinator/Safety Manager. Working with various members of the executive staff and project team, Kendra developed an understanding of Perma-Cast timelines, schedules, project progress, and safety management procedures.

By observing trends and evaluating risk through data collection, Kendra was able to determine accurate budget targets and implement new procedures. Furthermore, Kendra is responsible for maintaining internal compliance. Taking an innovative approach to change management Kendra provides leadership over many in-house-developed technologies.